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Which are some of the best casino countries in the world?

Before knowing about some of the best casinos in the world, let’s see some interesting facts about the old casinos in the world. It’ll be interesting to mention that Venice is home to the oldest casino in the world, Casinò di Venezia. It was opened in the year 1638. Belgium’s casino de Spa was opened in the year 1763. Germany’s Kurhaus Casino of Baden-Baden was opened in the year 1826. It is famous for its huge chandeliers and wall murals. Next in line is Casino de Monte Carlo which is also called the Grand Casino? It is in Monte Carlo and was opened in the year 1856. Casino Póvoa de Varzim is one of the oldest casinos Portugal and was opened in the year 1934.

Now let’s look at the modern casino scenario:

  • Bellagio casino of Las Vegas is the best casino in the world.
  • The most number of casinos are in France.
  • Casinos are illegal in Japan but very recently it has set aside real estate for opening a casino. If that goes well, it’ll be fun to play Blackjack Japan, one of the most like online casino games. 
  • Although New Zealand casinos are just 6 in number but they are so fun to enjoy. 

What are the different types of bonuses that online casinos give?

Let’s have a look at the various bonus types available for your convenience.

Welcome Bonuses

The primary and most common bonus type is the Welcome Bonus. It is very well known as the Signup Bonus or New Player Bonus. It usually ranges below $100, so you have to carefully look at the offer which is for a larger sum. It can be incremental and paid in installments in many cases without the lump sum payment.

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonus is an online casino bonus that is provided without any early deposit by the player. You just have to add the money into your account and start playing to add rewards to start up with the game. Usually, the no deposit bonuses are around ten dollars.

Game Release Bonuses

With the new releases, the excitement and thrills also get upgraded. This is an offer which is provided to the customers when new titles and games are introduced. It can be multiple bonuses also and it all depends on how the title of the game has been designed.

Birthday Bonuses

These bonuses are given to the player at the time of their birthdays.  It could be anything like free loads, cash amounts, free spins, etc. The casinos ensure that their players feel special on their special day.

Monthly Bonuses

If you keep playing regularly, casinos reward you with these monthly bonuses. You have to be registered player to receive this bonus.

Tournament Bonuses

Games like blackjack, roulette, poker, jackpot etc. come with weekly, monthly and annual tournaments for which the players have to register themselves. On completion of these tournaments, they get tournament bonuses. 

Refer a Friend Casino Bonus

As it’s in every referral case, so is with the online casinos. Whenever you bring a new player through your reference, you as well as the new player, both get this bonus. You have to do this through a special link or an email.


Now that you know about the different types of bonuses that casinos offer, here are some helpful tips that you should know:

  • You must read all the terms and conditions regarding the bonuses.
  • You have to understand all the requirements as mentioned.
  • Always check that the bonus is applied to all the games or not.

Make sure you check the expiry of the bonus rewards achieved.

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